The fact that we are defecating is dark red or black. Causes


✔️ Bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract The blood that passes through the intestine is digested and becomes dark, black, sticky, with a foul odor. It may be caused by bleeding in the stomach. The esophageal aneurysms are broken by cirrhosis. Bleeding in the small intestine from enteritis Or bleeding from tumors or polyps in the intestines If bleeding from the distal colon or rectum Will be seen as blood coming in the stool clearly

✔️ Eating food or drugs that affect the color of Ujara, such as eating animal blood Iron-containing drugs Swallowing blood after pulling teeth

✔️ Ischemic bowel syndrome can cause the stool to have dark black color from bleeding in the intestinal wall. But often with severe abdominal pain, fever or shock

If blood transfusions or blacks are taken Should seek medical attention to make sure that the disease is not caused by severe diseases In addition, drinking plenty of water And eat foods that are high in fiber Will help make the stool softer, darker and easier to shoot