“Stomach inflammation” is caused by eating contaminated food

. Contains toxins in food Virus and bacterial infections, especially Helicobacter pylori Including taking certain medications such as muscle relaxants, medications and painkillers without steroid components Gastric inflammation Will have abdominal pain, burning or twisting, distension, belching, vomiting, feeling bitter and tight in the neck

The “inflammatory bowel disease” is caused by eating foods that contain bacteria such as ico And Staphylococcus Including many viruses and abnormal digestive processes Inflammatory bowel disease Often have diarrhea, diarrhea or taking water.

Prevention of gastric inflammation and inflammatory bowel disease Can be done by

✔️ Avoid eating spicy food, raw food, grilled food, pickled foods.
✔️ Do not drink alcohol
✔️ Maintain basic hygiene By eating hot spoons and washing hands before eating

If there is heavy vomiting, high fever is taken as a flux Severe abdominal pain Should see a doctor as soon as possible