Sleep in the garden

Sleep, linger, know the impasse, thick property
Nuan Phongsap With Safe Secret
Wild robbers searched for robberies and killed mad

๏ Cottage – Bamboo – See who created
Sleeping in the back, visiting away, turning away
Luxury house, rich and rich
Do you have any threat?

สวน Garden huts should be built in the middle of the garden.
Yes, it should be.
Good bamboo huts.
Loi, dry, teased until teased

วัน Bamboo fumigation, termite moth
Wire, insert, survive, see animals as large sheets
Yes, the floor of the inner partition
Bamboo, spoiled, worthless

๏ Bamboo joint can put hundreds of thousands of property.
When packed with coins, realistically Zhang
The scraps of the back are heavy.
The bag has been worn by the hands.

๏ Sufficient bird enough to eat enough.
Can be eaten near the soil without having to buy
The rest breaks him. We can sell money.
Pay some meals, buy with bankroll. Carrying coins back to nest

๏ cause the ball to be forced
Orphaned birds do not have children. Every happiness is imprisoned.
Make the nephew to dance
Scrap in the bamboo joint

๏ When the nephew is tired of a large society
Probably longing for that nature
Come, come, the forest park has a dream.
The cabin that the granddaughter had left would see things – which the uncle had dreamed of. Let your grandchildren continue