Fatty liver is a form of triglycerides in the liver cells

Fatty liver is a form of triglycerides in the liver cells. Can happen to everyone Especially at risk groups such as people who regularly drink alcohol Has fat shape, diabetes, high blood fat and high blood pressure

Over 50 percent of fatty liver disease in the early stages usually does not show any symptoms. But in cases of joint inflammation of the liver, there may be symptoms such as fatigue, tiredness, pain in the right side of the body, boredom, feeling flatulence, similar to indigestion, uncomfortable abdominal distension, weight loss without cause If left untreated, the fatty liver may become more severe. Resulting in cirrhosis and may develop liver cancer to death

In the first phase, if treated The liver can return to normal condition. But if left until cirrhosis At present, there is no drug treatment that helps the liver to recover. Or if it is severe that the liver cannot function Had to wait for liver replacement surgery alone

Screening for fatty liver disease At present, it is convenient, fast and not hurt. If found to have this condition The doctor will suggest the correct action. Together with the appropriate treatment