Colon cancer is most common in people aged 50 years and over

, but can occur in all ages. The average age is 60-65. In the first stage, symptoms do not show any symptoms for many years. People with a family history of colorectal cancer are more likely to develop a disease

Risk symptoms … Colon cancer
✔️ alternating constipation, frequent diarrhea
✔️ Blood stools
✔️ abdominal pain, bloating
✔️ Fumble on the belly
✔️ Weight loss without knowing the cause

Screening with intestinal endoscopy If there is no risk or parents have colon cancer Start checking at age 50, but if there is a family member with cancer Should be checked at the age of 40 years old if not found abnormalities Doctors will recommend re-examination in 5-10 years depending on our risk factors.

In addition, eating a lot of fiber Reduce fat foods Grilled food Together with regular exercise And prevent constipation Will help reduce the chance of colon cancer