AP News reported from Plantation, Florida, USA

AP News reported from Plantation, Florida, USA, on July 7 that T.S. Jetsika Ryan, Plantation City Police, located in the west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, revealed that On Saturday, an explosion occurred in a pizza restaurant called Pizza Fire but had been out of business for several months. In a department store in Plantation County, Broward County, the explosion caused the whole piece of concrete to be scattered throughout. The shop was damaged and demolished. As well as nearby shops and 2 parked cars. There were 21 people injured, but not life-threatening.

Mr Joel Gordon, the local fire chief, revealed that Still too early to conclude the cause of the explosion, but when the firefighter arrived at the scene Found that there was a gas leak from the gas pipeline Which still indicates the cause is not clear until the investigation is completed But in this class it is considered good luck that no one has died