Any charm as early as in the morning

Any charm as early as in the morning
Pak Chu … Butterfly wheel when coming near
Mali Lagotao
Morning, clear sky, bright color.

Ta-ling Pling, Limbo Khung Nong
The light shines on the field during the dawn.
Looking at the mangrove.
And the straw beside arguing

Vimarn, the land of the house, the yard like a dream
Saw a peanut, familiar with Chinchin, agitated
Bon, tuberose, pine stem, duan tree
The scent of Phikul that I admire

Krathum Ngam….
Dip the points, sal, sal .. Mixed onions
Needles, studs are beautiful
Joining Kasem, overwhelmed the body

Wee, banana, pandanus, porridge
Beautiful dance with sporadic scattering
Shoving and shaking.

Around the row .. all around the row
Slender green rice stripe, gleaming white fence
All over the row
Unbelievably cold, fluttering, provoking the eye

Any time? .. Good morning.
Truly precious to the heart
Butterfly butterfly
Morning brings clear sky

The canal, Thung Rung Sang is bright.
The more thrilling the trance, sitting beside arguing
Sangkhang Kong. .. Two sides of the site.