After the day before, I promised to write about copyright

. Today I write for everyone to read. This article will be very useful for both web developers, programmers, web content and web graphics. The story of copyright is actually closer to what you think. But is often overlooked Find that it is not important Whether anyone

If you find your boss ordering you to infringe on the copyright of others Don’t just think about yourself, how bad he is. In fact, he is considered a normal person. In many groups even Because about 80% Thai people do not know about copyright Or fuzzy fish that removing images to watermark can be considered okay Like that

You are considered lucky to have read here. Because there are only about 20% of the Thai population who know enough about copyright. Actually, I was considered to be in this network as well. Who knows enough to survive Did not know the details of how to make a mistake, what penalty, penalty, etc. Copyright lawyer That will be deeper and more detailed than ordinary people

This is the wrong thing many people do. But illegal copyright If you can avoid it, please avoid it. Being sued for a hundred thousand million damages It will not protect

1. Image copyright

Many people think that all internet pictures are free. Images found from Google are considered free. Some are worse than before. Order the graphic hand to remove the watermark as well Which is actually more than half of google images Have copyright There are really trading rights to use. And there is a really fine catch of the image thief too

2. Copyright FONT

The font or font itself has copyright as well, like the PSL / DB family. This sale price is around 100,000 baht. But if anyone uses the contraband, he will be charged ten times more than the fine. In the internet there are many free fonts to use. How do you think about going wrong with using the font that he sells?

3. Copyright articles

Every article is considered to be a writing that the author will automatically obtain copyright since the creation of the work. Please just prove that you are the author. Therefore, various websites that go to copy other people’s articles Ctrl + C, then Ctrl + V, paste in the website itself, this is considered wrong. Even if giving credit Because the only condition of being is Must obtain consent from the copyright owner in writing first Here, do not think that it is not a story. The big country website like san ** k has been sued. Although claiming to be an apprentice Not survive Because the copyrighted work is on the web

4. Copyright Code

If you are a programmer and have already downloaded various open source code, please try to read and see what the owner allowed him to use. Some of you use it to create a project, but if you take a project that is created with his code to sell You will have to pay him first. (Mostly, a few hundred baht) But if not paying, then sell it. Wait for it to be caught by hundreds of millions.

If I have been arrested, what must I do?

This is a story that I have never experienced. Because when I use the font or article I have never been guilty of copyright in this matter, but I survived. Suggested that you try to consult a lawyer. Don’t come to consult me