Sleep in the garden

Sleep, linger, know the impasse, thick property
Nuan Phongsap With Safe Secret
Wild robbers searched for robberies and killed mad

๏ Cottage – Bamboo – See who created
Sleeping in the back, visiting away, turning away
Luxury house, rich and rich
Do you have any threat?

สวน Garden huts should be built in the middle of the garden.
Yes, it should be.
Good bamboo huts.
Loi, dry, teased until teased

วัน Bamboo fumigation, termite moth
Wire, insert, survive, see animals as large sheets
Yes, the floor of the inner partition
Bamboo, spoiled, worthless

๏ Bamboo joint can put hundreds of thousands of property.
When packed with coins, realistically Zhang
The scraps of the back are heavy.
The bag has been worn by the hands.

๏ Sufficient bird enough to eat enough.
Can be eaten near the soil without having to buy
The rest breaks him. We can sell money.
Pay some meals, buy with bankroll. Carrying coins back to nest

๏ cause the ball to be forced
Orphaned birds do not have children. Every happiness is imprisoned.
Make the nephew to dance
Scrap in the bamboo joint

๏ When the nephew is tired of a large society
Probably longing for that nature
Come, come, the forest park has a dream.
The cabin that the granddaughter had left would see things – which the uncle had dreamed of. Let your grandchildren continue

Any charm as early as in the morning

Any charm as early as in the morning
Pak Chu … Butterfly wheel when coming near
Mali Lagotao
Morning, clear sky, bright color.

Ta-ling Pling, Limbo Khung Nong
The light shines on the field during the dawn.
Looking at the mangrove.
And the straw beside arguing

Vimarn, the land of the house, the yard like a dream
Saw a peanut, familiar with Chinchin, agitated
Bon, tuberose, pine stem, duan tree
The scent of Phikul that I admire

Krathum Ngam….
Dip the points, sal, sal .. Mixed onions
Needles, studs are beautiful
Joining Kasem, overwhelmed the body

Wee, banana, pandanus, porridge
Beautiful dance with sporadic scattering
Shoving and shaking.

Around the row .. all around the row
Slender green rice stripe, gleaming white fence
All over the row
Unbelievably cold, fluttering, provoking the eye

Any time? .. Good morning.
Truly precious to the heart
Butterfly butterfly
Morning brings clear sky

The canal, Thung Rung Sang is bright.
The more thrilling the trance, sitting beside arguing
Sangkhang Kong. .. Two sides of the site.

Today, returning to Mahasarakham,

leaving the house at 9 o’clock to go to board the plane at Don Mueang 11.50 hrs. The taxi complains that the car is not afraid. So we got to the expressway. We were happy to arrive earlier than expected at 10 o’clock. There was plenty of time. We had to go to gat 76 but we went wrong 50 times. Always walking on the phone Waiting for a big break Because the delay machine is no longer so no chance to win the device.

When calling up, we lingered. Because sitting at the back, do not want to rush to this gate. It must go to the shuttle bus again. We see a long line. Show that the door is not open So we went to the bathroom a lot again and went to find a new place to finish, walking down the line for two minutes. Look at the counter of this uniform. It’s Air Asia Nina. We, Lion Air, look at the gate 71, wrong.

Suddenly, the caller called the passenger who used the name …. Please board the plane by expressing the floor.

What did Adrenaline give up ?!

After the day before, I promised to write about copyright

. Today I write for everyone to read. This article will be very useful for both web developers, programmers, web content and web graphics. The story of copyright is actually closer to what you think. But is often overlooked Find that it is not important Whether anyone

If you find your boss ordering you to infringe on the copyright of others Don’t just think about yourself, how bad he is. In fact, he is considered a normal person. In many groups even Because about 80% Thai people do not know about copyright Or fuzzy fish that removing images to watermark can be considered okay Like that

You are considered lucky to have read here. Because there are only about 20% of the Thai population who know enough about copyright. Actually, I was considered to be in this network as well. Who knows enough to survive Did not know the details of how to make a mistake, what penalty, penalty, etc. Copyright lawyer That will be deeper and more detailed than ordinary people

This is the wrong thing many people do. But illegal copyright If you can avoid it, please avoid it. Being sued for a hundred thousand million damages It will not protect

1. Image copyright

Many people think that all internet pictures are free. Images found from Google are considered free. Some are worse than before. Order the graphic hand to remove the watermark as well Which is actually more than half of google images Have copyright There are really trading rights to use. And there is a really fine catch of the image thief too

2. Copyright FONT

The font or font itself has copyright as well, like the PSL / DB family. This sale price is around 100,000 baht. But if anyone uses the contraband, he will be charged ten times more than the fine. In the internet there are many free fonts to use. How do you think about going wrong with using the font that he sells?

3. Copyright articles

Every article is considered to be a writing that the author will automatically obtain copyright since the creation of the work. Please just prove that you are the author. Therefore, various websites that go to copy other people’s articles Ctrl + C, then Ctrl + V, paste in the website itself, this is considered wrong. Even if giving credit Because the only condition of being is Must obtain consent from the copyright owner in writing first Here, do not think that it is not a story. The big country website like san ** k has been sued. Although claiming to be an apprentice Not survive Because the copyrighted work is on the web

4. Copyright Code

If you are a programmer and have already downloaded various open source code, please try to read and see what the owner allowed him to use. Some of you use it to create a project, but if you take a project that is created with his code to sell You will have to pay him first. (Mostly, a few hundred baht) But if not paying, then sell it. Wait for it to be caught by hundreds of millions.

If I have been arrested, what must I do?

This is a story that I have never experienced. Because when I use the font or article I have never been guilty of copyright in this matter, but I survived. Suggested that you try to consult a lawyer. Don’t come to consult me

Colon cancer is most common in people aged 50 years and over

, but can occur in all ages. The average age is 60-65. In the first stage, symptoms do not show any symptoms for many years. People with a family history of colorectal cancer are more likely to develop a disease

Risk symptoms … Colon cancer
✔️ alternating constipation, frequent diarrhea
✔️ Blood stools
✔️ abdominal pain, bloating
✔️ Fumble on the belly
✔️ Weight loss without knowing the cause

Screening with intestinal endoscopy If there is no risk or parents have colon cancer Start checking at age 50, but if there is a family member with cancer Should be checked at the age of 40 years old if not found abnormalities Doctors will recommend re-examination in 5-10 years depending on our risk factors.

In addition, eating a lot of fiber Reduce fat foods Grilled food Together with regular exercise And prevent constipation Will help reduce the chance of colon cancer

“Stomach inflammation” is caused by eating contaminated food

. Contains toxins in food Virus and bacterial infections, especially Helicobacter pylori Including taking certain medications such as muscle relaxants, medications and painkillers without steroid components Gastric inflammation Will have abdominal pain, burning or twisting, distension, belching, vomiting, feeling bitter and tight in the neck

The “inflammatory bowel disease” is caused by eating foods that contain bacteria such as ico And Staphylococcus Including many viruses and abnormal digestive processes Inflammatory bowel disease Often have diarrhea, diarrhea or taking water.

Prevention of gastric inflammation and inflammatory bowel disease Can be done by

✔️ Avoid eating spicy food, raw food, grilled food, pickled foods.
✔️ Do not drink alcohol
✔️ Maintain basic hygiene By eating hot spoons and washing hands before eating

If there is heavy vomiting, high fever is taken as a flux Severe abdominal pain Should see a doctor as soon as possible

Fatty liver is a form of triglycerides in the liver cells

Fatty liver is a form of triglycerides in the liver cells. Can happen to everyone Especially at risk groups such as people who regularly drink alcohol Has fat shape, diabetes, high blood fat and high blood pressure

Over 50 percent of fatty liver disease in the early stages usually does not show any symptoms. But in cases of joint inflammation of the liver, there may be symptoms such as fatigue, tiredness, pain in the right side of the body, boredom, feeling flatulence, similar to indigestion, uncomfortable abdominal distension, weight loss without cause If left untreated, the fatty liver may become more severe. Resulting in cirrhosis and may develop liver cancer to death

In the first phase, if treated The liver can return to normal condition. But if left until cirrhosis At present, there is no drug treatment that helps the liver to recover. Or if it is severe that the liver cannot function Had to wait for liver replacement surgery alone

Screening for fatty liver disease At present, it is convenient, fast and not hurt. If found to have this condition The doctor will suggest the correct action. Together with the appropriate treatment

The fact that we are defecating is dark red or black. Causes


✔️ Bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract The blood that passes through the intestine is digested and becomes dark, black, sticky, with a foul odor. It may be caused by bleeding in the stomach. The esophageal aneurysms are broken by cirrhosis. Bleeding in the small intestine from enteritis Or bleeding from tumors or polyps in the intestines If bleeding from the distal colon or rectum Will be seen as blood coming in the stool clearly

✔️ Eating food or drugs that affect the color of Ujara, such as eating animal blood Iron-containing drugs Swallowing blood after pulling teeth

✔️ Ischemic bowel syndrome can cause the stool to have dark black color from bleeding in the intestinal wall. But often with severe abdominal pain, fever or shock

If blood transfusions or blacks are taken Should seek medical attention to make sure that the disease is not caused by severe diseases In addition, drinking plenty of water And eat foods that are high in fiber Will help make the stool softer, darker and easier to shoot

In the era of sailing built from wood

Fire is the number one enemy of the crew.
And weapons that are cruel and scary like demons
Often used during the war to sink enemy ships

These fire weapons were pioneered by the ancient Greeks.
That is to set fire to their own ships
Inside the vessel will put the tar and turpentine combustible materials.
Then let the ship go into the enemy ship
The flame will burn the enemy ship quickly horribly.

In the 7th century, the Greeks discovered that
naphtha when mixed with quicklime
Will ignite violently when in contact with water
And this is the world’s first fire weapon
And the Greeks used to build a steamer

Shipbuilding progress
And the invention of gunpowder to increase potential
In the destruction of these weapons
The steamer is not just a tool.
To set fire to the enemy fleet or destroy the port
But there is still a floating bomb designed to float by tying it to the boat
To destroy the fleet as much as possible
With a large number of explosions to blow violently

In the winter of 1585
Antwerp was besieged by the army of Alexander Farnese.
Habsburg Army Commander in Spanish Netherlands
(Dutch had been a colony of the Spaniards before)
Initiated the construction of a floating bridge across the Scheldt River
Between Antwerp and the sea
Because they want the poor population to surrender

To destroy the blockade from the army
The Dutch hired an Italian military engineer named Federigo Giambelli.
Which has a great reputation in various scientific knowledge
Federigo Giambelli promised that
Will destroy this bridge to collapse
And asked the Dutch to deliver 3 large cargo ships
Selected by the Navy of Antwerp

But the request of the Federigo Giambelli was rejected
Therefore having to use 2 small boats named Fortuyn and Hoop
Although Federigo Giambelli is bored
With the stinginess of the Dutch people at that time
But at the same time
Giambelli Federigo is still determined
To show firepower, fire / hell fire
Even though having limited resources
Federigo Giambelli changed both ships
Was the biggest fire bomb in Europe of that time
As far as no one had ever seen before at that time
He called it hellburners, hell.
Inside the cargo room of the ship
He built a dormitory with a length of 42 feet, 16 feet wide.
Construction of bricks and mortar with 5 feet thick wall
And within 3 tons of high quality gunpowder
Then sealed the top like a roof
From old gravestone signs that were sealed with lead
The top of the dormitory And in free space around
Will be filled with debris, scrap and other sharp things
To act as a slayer
All of these things will be placed on the deck.
Then camouflaged with ordinary wood to make the boat look like a general cargo ship

On board the Fortuyn, there is a time-consuming ignition insulation.
Insulated wires will burn slowly and continuously.
In order to ignite after the specified time

On the ship, Hoop has the most advanced ignition tools of that time.
Classified as a very amazing technology
Federigo Giambelli asked the watchmaker Antwerp
Create a mechanical stopwatch
(Driven by gears and clockwork)
Combined with the musket trigger
Which will be fired and the gunpowder points contained
In a precise time
And this is the first time bomb in the world

Hellfire attacks Antwerp in 1585 during this invasion of the city state.

Federigo Giambelli has a tactical battle plan.
By sending 30 fire boats in advance, one by one
To divert attention from the Navy
And then let the Fortuyn and Hoop sail along until near the bridge.

But on the night of the attack on April 4, 1585
Navy commander responsible for the battle
Confusion with the tactics of the Federigo Giambelli
By sending all the fire boats to sail at the same time
Followed by two Hellfire boats, Fortuyn and Hoop

Hellfire Fortuyn sailed along the river bank before reaching the bridge.
Before exploding in accordance with the delaying ignition insulation
But caused little damage to the Royal Navy
Hell Fire Boat Hoop goes straight to the bridge. Then banged violently
When the set time bomb is started
The explosion was severe and terrible at night.
Causing more than 800 soldiers to die immediately

Most of the bridge structures were blown away by the explosion.
Along with later The bomb destroyed the old grave sign.
Causing rock fragments Combined with scrap, other sharp things
Spreading millions of pieces into the sky
Then flew from the sky again afterwards
Causing many houses
Who are miles away from being a threat
From this fragment of the flak
And the blast sounds as far as 35 kilometers
Causing people to panic and wake up that night

This explosion is considered a time bomb.
Which has the largest explosive power
That people have created for the first time in the world

Giambelli Federigo after hired Dutch
Later moved to England
To create things for the English royal court
Such as the town’s fire brigade fortress
Circus design / town plan
Exploring the Fort Plymouth Hoe design
And later died in England

One of the fortresses / towers of Giambelli at Carisbrook Castle built during 1597 – 1600
The use of time bombs, after which he was abstained.
Has been used again during World War 1
When British engineers used more than 450,000 kilograms of bombs
To destroy the defensive line / trenches of the German army

Military historian Robert L. O’Connell
Call the Fire The world’s first devastating weapon

Although successful in attacking with hell
But the Dutch could not continue to attack the army.
Causing the Royal Navy to be revived
And create another barrier made of wood

AP News reported from Plantation, Florida, USA

AP News reported from Plantation, Florida, USA, on July 7 that T.S. Jetsika Ryan, Plantation City Police, located in the west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, revealed that On Saturday, an explosion occurred in a pizza restaurant called Pizza Fire but had been out of business for several months. In a department store in Plantation County, Broward County, the explosion caused the whole piece of concrete to be scattered throughout. The shop was damaged and demolished. As well as nearby shops and 2 parked cars. There were 21 people injured, but not life-threatening.

Mr Joel Gordon, the local fire chief, revealed that Still too early to conclude the cause of the explosion, but when the firefighter arrived at the scene Found that there was a gas leak from the gas pipeline Which still indicates the cause is not clear until the investigation is completed But in this class it is considered good luck that no one has died